Technology is all around the world. It works as a center of the Universe, be it Mobile Phones, Notebook, Tablets & PC’s etc. Nobody can deny the critical importance technology holds in our daily basis. This continuously evolving industry is expected to reach revenues of USD 225 billion by 2020 while the number of internet users is expected to take threefold to 237 million by 2015 according to a report by NASSCOM which clearly indicates the pace at which this industry is growing. This industry employs almost 10 million workforces. Growth in the Indian technology and enabled services in the world market is primarily dominated by IT software and services, including Business Process Management, Software Products, Engineering Services & also the hardware sector.

India has since long been a preferred partner for global companies looking to outsource their IT and back office functions primarily due to the cost advantage factor and the shortage of skilled professionals, slowly & gradually we will realise that Indians will have more share in international economy in coming future.

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  • Telecommunications

  • Digital Business and Software

  • Systems and services

  • Embedded

How We Operate

Though the challenges are high to retain efficient workforce in technology space because opportunity are huge in domestic & international. With many years of expertise hiring for various technology giant we are sure to help you provide the excellent services to have its all going for us. People Agile is backed by a very strong technology giant which in turn helps us understand the domain very well. We can certainly provide you the extended support in finding you the right talent pool .We simplify your talent search & discoveries with latest recruitment methodologies like headhunting, Industry Mapping & Market Intelligence.

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