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Renewable & Clean Energy 

The Indian renewable energy sector is the fourth most attractive renewable energy market in the world. People Agile exclusive focus on clean energy markets gives us an unparalleled advantage in locating the most highly specialized talent in any sector including: Wind, Solar, Smart Grid and Sustainability

This is how the industry looks like :

  • 4th Largest wind power capacity in the world. In 2017-18, wind power installed capacity stands at 34 GW.

  • 6th Largest solar power capacity in the world. Solar Energy capacity increased to 22 GW in 2017-18.

  • World’s largest ground based solar power and world’s largest rooftop solar plant are both in India

  • Biomass power includes installations from biomass combustion, biomass gasification and bagasse co-generation, for which capacity stands at 8.1 GW, as on November 2017

  • In accordance with the COP21 Paris accords, the Government of India has set a target of adding 175 GW of renewable power in the country by 2022, which will offer massive investment opportunities across the value chain.Total Renewable Energy Capacity in 2017-18 stands at 70 GW

Scope Of Practice

  • Energy Equipment

  • Engineering  Construction & Procurement

  • Solar, Wind, Biomass, Waste to Energy, Hydro, Hybrid Energy and Geothermal Energy

  • Generation, Distribution & Transmission of electricity

How We Operate

People Agile has the deep knowledge to locate the industry’s top engineers, scientists, consultants, contractors and executive managers in solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, smart grid, sustainability or other emerging markets for renewable energy. Our focused attention for each and every client begins with a consultative process and ensures that any potential candidate is fully screened.

Our recruiting approach is centered on building relationships and networking at the most prominent events across the renewable energy industry to find the right candidates and understand the needs of each sector. Our combination of traditional advertising and customised searches yields a selection of talent that is unmatched by any job board.

In Solar & Wind Industry we specifically we work with IPP, EPC, PV Module Manufacturer, Suppliers, Project Developers & others.

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