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Life Sciences

Life Sciences industry remains reasonably unaffected unlike others in turbulence of the world economic conditions. How is global life sciences sector addressing today’s volatile marketplace, one characterised by economic uncertainty, pricing pressures, increased demand for innovation and value, more focus on consumer engagement, and an ever-changing regulatory and risk environment?

Be it the pharmaceutical space, the medical devices, diagnostics and imaging sphere, the healthcare sector or the relatively recent world of biotechnology, they all enjoy growth rates of over 12%. Further, the constant action of mergers and acquisitions, the increased need for outsourcing (now also in the form of medical tourism) and India’s growing capacity for R&D and generic exports, have all kept the players in this sector on their toes.

This state of affairs makes the need for hiring that one right person more essential than ever. The changing environment has brought with it several adaptive requirements on the part of the industry. New perspectives are needed on issues ranging from patent expirations, to innovations in medical delivery to the growing enthusiasm over areas such as cosmetic surgery.

Scope Of Practice

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnology

  • Generics

  • Medical Devices

  • Diagnostics

  • Healthcare Services

  • Healthcare Informatics

  • Consumer Health

  • Research and Development

How We Operate

People Agile has a mission of keeping a strong foothold in the Life sciences space, As we are well equipped with team of subject matter experts having strong subject knowledge at the heart of R&D, which is most the critical challenge in Life sciences industry from hiring prospective. We have had success stories of closing complex and critical search assignments for various organisations who were struggling while creating a seed team or replacement positions.

We simplify your talent search & discoveries with latest recruitment methodologies like headhunting, Industry Mapping & Market Intelligence.

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